School Age Learning Difficulties:

“My 15 year old recently ‘graduated’ from vision therapy at Dr. Dresely’s office. She has perfect 20/20 vision but that’s not what vision therapy is. She no longer has to read something 3 times to fully process and retain the information and can also read with better fluency. Visual memory has greatly improved. Her peripheral vision has improved in preparation for learning to drive. She no longer has to walk sideways down the stairs, one step at a time. My youngest recently turned 9 and will continue with vision therapy after 6 months of treatment so far. She has amblyopia, binocular vision, and convergence issues. It appeared that she had dyslexia, but she didn’t. It was actually visual processing issues. Her confidence, accuracy, and speed for reading have really improved. Both of my kids always looked forward to vision therapy and didn’t complain about doing the home exercises. Vision therapy is typically a critical piece for those struggling with reading and learning disorders. I highly recommend Dr. Dresely and his vision therapists!”

-Erin B, mother of Anna B age 15, and Claire B. age 9.


A Family Event:

“Our daughter had tremendous difficulty reading from pre-K through second grade. Homework took forever, and she constantly complained that it made her tired and gave her headaches.  Word problems in third grade math only made things worse.  At our wits’ end, we were referred to Dr. Dresely for vision testing. The evaluation was unsettling, especially when we saw how poorly she performed on certain tests, like matching block patterns.  He assured us that while our daughter’s eyes functioned properly, she had considerable problems processing those images. His description of her condition was thorough and clear, and explained much of the behavior we had observed over the past several years.  Dr. Dresely assured us that she would respond to therapy and see significant improvement. We committed to six months of therapy, and our daughter did her home exercises conscientiously each week.

The results of the therapy were nothing short of miraculous. Our daughter not only gained confidence in her reading and comprehension, but her test results showed a massive improvement. Some of her scores went from the 10th percentile to the 80th(!), and she now matches block patterns for fun with her younger brother.

This was not the only benefit. While our daughter was doing vision therapy, I suffered a traumatic brain injury after being rear-ended during my morning commute. My eyes refused to function properly afterwards, and I lost much of my ability to read and comprehend visual images. It was a daily struggle.

Dr. Dresely’s testing identified several areas where he could help. He took me out of the multi-focal lenses that were no longer working for me, and prescribed bifocals and a separate set of lenses while using the computer. I saw an immediate change with my new glasses, and began several months of vision therapy to address those issues that still needed attention.

While it has not been easy, I have seen tremendous improvement. Indeed, I have gone from being barely able to read to being nearly back to normal. I expect even further improvement by the time I complete my treatment.

Simply put, Dr. Dresely has been a godsend, and I am thankful every day for the benefits that his treatment has provided for my daughter and me.”

-Robert C. Age 54, and Tori C. age 9.


Child aged Strabismus and Learning:

“When our son was 4 years old we started noticing his eye’s drifting apart.  After his condition continued to get worse we took him to an eye specialist who recommended Vision Therapy.   We spent the next 6 years  and thousands of dollars taking him to weekly Vision Therapy classes and yet his eye condition only got worse.

Then we met Dr Dresely.  He recommended a Vision Therapy program that has made all the difference.  My sons eyes are straighter and his school work has dramatically improved.  We highly recommend Vision Therapy with Dr Dresely.  Go to Dr Dresely first and save time and a whole lot of money.”

-Rich D.   Father of William D. Age 12.



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