Does your child hate doing schoolwork?

Does your child start out well, but quickly fatigues?

Does your bright child struggle with reading?

Does homework seem to take forever?

Is your child frequently losing their place or skipping words or lines when reading?

If the answer to any of these is “Yes” —- we can help!

There are 17 different visual skills critical to reading and learning. When even one of these skills is missing, reading and homework can become difficult. Being able to see the letters on the eye chart (“20/20”) is just one of these visual skills.

Eye coordination and eye movement skills are easily mistaken for behavior problems, learning difficulties, and even attention problems. Children will often tell us that the words seem to move on the page when they try to read.

Imagine trying to read like that!

Homework battles often occur when children struggle with reading. Eye coordination and eye movement disorders make reading very challenging and sometimes, nearly impossible.

If you are tired of fighting over homework, review the Symptom Checklist page and schedule an appointment with Dr. Dresely. We have been very successful in helping struggling readers to enjoy reading and excel in school by treating the underlying vision problems. Parents are typically delighted to share with us that homework battles are a thing of the past!