Do you or your child have an eye that turns inward or outward? Has your doctor said that surgery is the only option? Are you concerned about the risks of surgery? Have you or your child already had surgery but still have problems?

Luckily, there is another treatment option for eye turns and drifting eyes! Optometric Vision Therapy can help straighten an eye while also improving depth perception, eye-hand coordination, and visual information processing skills (which improve reading and school performance). This is a non-surgical treatment that is typically more effective than surgery, without the risks. When surgery is performed, it often requires multiple surgeries because even though the eye is initially straightened, in many cases the eye will drift again causing a variety of problems.

It is important to understand that a surgical solution is usually only a cosmetic solution because it doesn’t correct the underlying cause of the eye turn, nor does it ensure that both eyes work together correctly to provide single, clear vision.

Whereas, Vision Therapy can be successful at any age; including children and adults. Neuroscientist and author, Dr. Sue Barry had 3 eye surgeries as a child, but still did not have 3-D stereo vision. In fact, she saw double after her third surgery which made reading and learning difficult. After going through a program of optometric vision therapy as an adult, she was able to see 3-D for the first time! She was so impressed with her experience she wrote a book, Fixing My Gaze.

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