Typically, a Developmental Vision Evaluation is needed when a problem is detected in the way someone’s eyes function together when looking at objects up-close.  In order to determine the depth of the problem and the best treatment options, this specialized testing is performed by a Developmental Optometrist.


The Developmental Vision Evaluation is much more in-depth than the usual eye exam.  During this evaluation Dr. Dresely tests all the visual skills required for reading and learning in the classroom, as well as for sports performance and other activities of daily living.


Most people think of “20/20” as perfect or normal vision, even though all it means is you are able to see a certain size letter on the eye chart from a distance of 20 feet.  This test tells us nothing about the visual skills that play a vital role in reading and learning.  If any of these skills are inadequate or lacking, one will have difficulties, varying from not achieving to potential to acting out in class.  The frustration of not being able to make sense out of what he or she is looking at can have devastating effects.  The degree of difficulty will vary depending on how much needs to be learned through reading, in addition to the size of the print in their textbooks.  For some children, the smaller the print is in the textbooks, the greater the difficulty.  Often children who did well prior to third or fourth grade will start struggling with academic performance because of the change in the size of the print.


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